It’s the end of the world as we know it …

Well not quite! 50 days until race start and it’s time to start saying cheerio to people and winding up land-based living. Weird knowing you’ve just done something for the last time …

Over the last year I have dedicated my Monday + Wednesday evenings to getting a boat-ready body!!!  Last night I took my leave of the incomparable Rach & Izzie who between them have inspired me and a room full of others to lift weights + generally exert ourselves to music! CXWORX – total killer + the washboard abs are still hidden somewhere inside … but ready or not sailing here I come.

Getting fit has been serious fun! Crippling on occasions … track 5 … there are bits of my body still recovering from track 5!!

So guys a serious shoutout – Izzie, Rach & Kieron thank you. When we are languishing in the doldrums with nothing to do and ‘Bang my Head’ comes on over the boat sound system I will be able to launch straight into the ‘starfish’ routine!

Next week it’s the real deal – Level 4 race training! Bring it on!!!


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