The beginning of a new adventure

Saturday 20th May, crew allocation day in Portsmouth Town Hall, was the day the next edition of the Clipper Race started to get really real.

The sail training (mandatory for all crew) had been instructive, certainly fun, at times daunting, we had got to learn new stuff, re-remember old stuff and meet new people, but the race had felt so far away that it seemed somewhat academic. Now life was beginning to feel a lot more immediate (and to carry on with the academic theme) a bit like collecting your exams results from school at the end of the summer.

Was I nervous? Excited? Yup! Bit like being three and it being Christmas. Crazy really because it didn’t matter where I ended up – the hard bit is sailing – but I knew who I wanted to sail under.

At the beginning of the day who wasn’t over-excited? Everybody chattering, together, fingers crossed, hoping – all in the same boat. By lunchtime we were teams, wishing our training best chums good luck for their new crew and off to the team meet to make new friends in ours.

Happy? I was ecstatic! I’m part of Qingdao under skipper Chris Kobusch!

The moment my name got read out (yes!)        Crew Qingdao assembling for a photo call.


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