Couldn’t be closer

It is 10:48. One hour and 12 minutes until the finish of the race – and we
are neck + neck with PSP. We can eyeball them half a mile away over our
port side at 9 o’clock. Garmin are a mile ahead at 10 o’clock + GB are 3
miles away at 8 o’clock. It just couldn’t be closer ….

We have sailed our socks off – done everything legal we can think of to
make the boat go just that half a knot faster. This morning I did my bit +
volunteered for mother duty clearing up instead of Brian on the grounds
that my weight on the lower rail would register tiddly-squat against
Brian’s mass + talent which are far better applied to sailing than

There have even been jokes about modifications that are off the limits –
taking the yellow brick from the back to the front of the boat + harnessing
a tame dolphin to put in a sprint finish for us!

We collectively have done our very best – the crew are all on super watch
lining the lower rail + willing the boat to go faster.

11:03 … 57 minutes to go. Go Jamaica!!!!


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