1000 miles – one hell of a tack

Yesterday it was all overcast, grey + cold + the crew were looking the part
in our wet weather weather gear, florescent yellow hoods pulled down + face
visors pulled up against the cold + weather – looking for all the world
like a series of Darth Vadas manning the deck.

Today has been sunny but that crystal clear winter light of sunshine
without a hint of warmth – the solution to which is to wear – Russian
doll-like – every single item of clothing I have with me. You would never
believe what a work-out it is wearing your entire wardrobe!

We have been sailing hard all day with the Code 2 spinnaker up trying to
out-run both the weather + the others in the fleet. Throughout the morning
I was on coffee-grinder/winch duty letting the spinnaker sheet out and in
as requested by the helm. Not the most testing of crew duties but I would
rather that than just be sitting on the high rail as intelligent ballast.
In fact given we have been on the same tack all day ballast duty hasn’t
even required intelligence just being there has been enough.

The weather/wind pattern means that we are skirting the edge of a wind hole
with the expectation that we will be headed later this evening. Our
response will be to turn north for the last 1000 miles to the finish – a
1000 mile beat! Maybe I should start taking the seasickness tablets now!


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