Going for it

The wind has been building all day + we are sailing our socks off. The boat
has come alive too + you can almost sense the relish as she quivers and
drives forward with the wind + the current. This is racing + the crew is
sailing as a team – we want this result. We want a podium finish.

Each successive sched shows that we are taking miles out of the rest of the
fleet with the two leaders (Switzerland + Derry) just over the horizon +
given favourable winds within striking distance.

All the crew have contributed throughout the day to the hoisting of a role
call of different spinnakers from the wind-seeker this morning via C1 + C2
to the C3 at dusk – the heavier sail in anticipation of forecasted stronger
winds throughout the night.

Sailing is exciting + we have our collective eye on the horizon for when
CV24 + CV30 come into view (+ for the odd stray iceberg + surfacing whale
as we had a hump back surface not 5m off our port this afternoon).

We are in 3rd place on the schedule – the smiles + the willingness to jump
too with the tasks + the trimming (no book reading tonight) says it all.

Long way to go + we’re going for it.


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