Bloody hell that was close!

The last half hour has been frantic. Sailing at is most exciting …

All hands on deck as Jamaica roached (over-powered by the wind + the
boat on its side, mainsail flattened against the sea surface). A ‘bloody
hell’ moment except I did’t think that at the time. When ‘All hands on
deck’ is yelled you just go.

In the nick of time Skip emergency gybed the boat + somehow sucked the
mainsail + boom off/out of the water while the crew fought to collapse the
spinnaker + park it unceremoniously down the sail locker. Sinking a
determined kite full of air takes quite a few people above + below deck.
But after something of a tussle the result: crew 1, code 3 spinnaker (C3)
nil. Everything happens in an instant + in a flurry of action. No time for
extraneous thinking …

Then back on deck to flake + similarly pack away the yankie 2 sail which
was residing on the foredeck as a just-in-case sail.

Ever eastward we are now sailing with staysail + main aloft.

Soaked to the skin – on account of the waves + spray breaking over the
foredeck – I have retired below again as technically I am off watch +
asleep (you can tell) – but after so much action I don’t for the moment
feel that tired. In fact anything but tired – adrenalin racing, porthole-
sized shafts of morning sunlight punctuating the gloom of our sleeping
quarters, sleep isn’t happening at the present.


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