Languishing in the Sargasso Sea

It seems impossible but a couple of days ago we were sailing close hauled +
hanging for dear life. Life was a rock-climb, navigating your way from boat
part to boat part without enduring serious mishap. The sort of existence
that puts you on your metal + makes life feel kind of edgy.

Then the wind dropped and for a while we were sailing with Garmin (CV27) +
that was good – playing cat + mouse + keeping us on our racing toes. And
then the wind died + Garmin went west ….

So here we are languishing in the Sargasso Sea with an open horizon + no
wind so to speak of. Life is a lot less ‘exciting’ but meandering along
gives you more space to appreciate the warm air – no longer sticky +
tropical – the colours of the sea, the clouds + the orange spiky seaweed
which comes in random birds’ nests + carpets scattered over the sea
surface. To think that eels come all that way here…

Life not on a steep incline is all round a great deal easier – food stays
were you put it, daily requirements are the right way up. Life is more
agreeable – except please wind gods we would like a tadge more wind – not
too much more you understand but enough that we could once again be bowling
– not meandering – along with one of the kite sails aloft.

Spinnaker sailing – definitely the best way to sail.


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