Are we nearly there yet?

10:50 on Monday morning (local time) + we are 32 miles from the finishing
line + becalmed!

Nobody could have written a better film script.

Jamaica are to the north of Garmin, Henri Lloyd + GB (who consider
themselves the three front runners in the race) + during the night the wind
held up (just!) enabling us to make small but significant gains on them
all. Yellow Brick tells the world that we are second + with it all to play

Libations to the wind gods – if ever Jamaica needed preferential constant
wind it is now. As it is Henri Lloyd current appears to have the best of
the sailing.

… if will power alone could drive a boat then we would be over that line
+ away … but with the wind so fickle (5 knots as I type) it might just be
this evening. No counting chickens but endless micro-adjusting of the
spinnaker sheets.

Everybody is on tender hooks. Me? Heart rate up. Actually this really
matters + the fact that we can see the opposition makes it all the easier
to believe that we are actually racing.

This could be a photo finish – but one conducted at a sailing snail’s pace.


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