To Darn Hot!

We are now sailing down the Mexican coast, we are in the tropics + it is
unbelievably hot – during the day the wind has a tendency to drop + the
deck becomes so hot it is impossible to walk on without shoes. I find I
am drinking unbelievable qualities of water which goes into my mouth +
then instantly materialises as sweat without bothering my stomach too
much about the process!

Tempers are beginning to fray. It is interesting to observe (the inner
anthropologist materialising here) but the use (or lack) of pleasantries is
certainly a trait not native to a national sector of the crew + whilst
blows have not yet been reach, innuendo + verbal backstabbing is, well, on
the increase – hence the suggested instigation of ‘friendship + pleasantry’
day in the skip’s briefing this morning.

The nights are positive bliss in comparison – the wind picks up (a healthy
13 knots at the present) + the breeze cools the skin + leaves you feeling
more human … of course sleeping in the bunks – with its hot airlessness –
is a bit of an ordeal hence crew tend to gravitate on deck.

There are advantages in addition to the breeze – dolphins are regular
visitors. They have their own agendas + sometimes pass us by in hunt + feed
mode but reasonably often they break off to give us an acrobatics show –
like moments before I came down to the Nav Station to send this we had
dolphins swimming + jumping right along side.

We are still holding out for the sighting of whales …

Today we had good news – that ocean sprint I mentioned well, we learnt that
Jamaica had won it (yea!) + right now we are driving south in a zig-zaggy
sort of way 2nd in the fleet with plans to overhaul GB who is just in front
of us poised on the edge of the horizon …


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