Yoga + Life jackets don’t mix!

Yoga + life jackets don’t mix – that is the conclusion I have come to. To
keep myself awake over the night watches I have tried doing yoga – only
positions involving lying down or firm contact with the deck mind you –
downward dog + other stuff is right out for weirdo + balance reasons.

Apart from sleep deprivation there are a few positives to being on deck at
night – with no light pollution the star density in the sky is just mind-
blowing. It is possible to believe that if it were just a tadge darker (we
sail with our steaming light on which is against the rules but does allow
us to monitor the kite for indications of collapse) then the whole sky
would be filled to brimming with stars.It is also cooler at night!

My body is beginning to get the hang of the watch system + I find I am now
waking up automatically half an hour before I am due on deck. The
watch system works thus: the crew is divided in two watches and you are
either sailing or asleep. Change over occurs at midnight, 4am, 8am, 2pm or
8pm – thus there are 5 time periods so it is only alternate days that you
get the dreaded graveyard slot of midnight to 4am. The other time slots
have perks like dawn and mealtimes to keep you feeling you’re a happy
camper. The nights are getting warmer as we head south but as yet cooling
sea breezes don’t quite make-up for the sleep deprivation but I suspect as
it gets more + more humid this view might just change. However for the
moment 3 hours is not really enough time for quality sleep + all of the
crew are subject to vivid + disturbing dreams!!

Today has been another hot + cloudless day. We continue south with the boat
bowling in the swelling and driven by a constant breeze. The demise of the
wind is an ever constant threat. The view is a completely empty study in
blue – blue sky, blue sea.

Highlight of the morning was me helming – concentration on max (but really
pleased with myself + approving comments from the skip!)- the swell and
roll of the boat making steering a constant course something of a
challenge. At about 10am Henri Lloyd (CV21) passed 500m in front of our
bows. Given how EMPTY the ocean is, it would be slightly ironic  to have a
collision especially with Jamaica on the port tack (no right of way).

Other highlights – a large green turtle chillaxing on the surface passed to
our port + we had a fly-pass from a Boobie (gannet-like
seabird). Both impressive but still holding out for those whales.


One thought on “Yoga + Life jackets don’t mix!

  1. How lovely to see a large green turtle. You can always do a few sitting forward bends, twists and breathing keeping contact with the deck at all times! Sarahx


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