Boot-over-board and more Boobies – Day 8

As we progress southward and towards the Mexican coast there has been a
very noticeable increase in the temperature.

This morning at 6am the temperature was perfect – the silver path across
the sea to a rising sun + a continuing breeze to keep us heading south,
with a bit more wind, would have been perfect. By 8am it was definitely hot
+ suddenly the preferred place to be on the boat was on the foredeck in the
shadow of ‘the Yeti’ – the C1, lightest of the kites, so named because it
is large and white and up until now seldom seen.

I hadn’t mentioned that we had been on the look-out for a single Dubarry
boot that had gone walk-about. Well in the early hours of this morning it
was seen (if not technically found) when the C1 was launched – as the kite
inflated it spat poor Alex’s rather expensive boot flamboyantly into the
sea. Sorry, no man over boards for boots – even rather expensive ones. So
boot found + lost in an instant.

Foulies + cold weather gear have now definitely relegated to the past,until
that is that we brave the Atlantic on Leg 8. But from now on we are in the
sauna zone and any rain shower (except a squall maybe which are horrid +
cold) greeted with shampoo on deck (in-boat showers are rationed).

Sun cream + plenty of fluids are the order of the day. I have never been
one for cosmetics and right now smothered in anti-UV feel well + truly
basted. Shower rationing means that baby wipes are our salvation on the
keeping clean front … although there is no salvation for my sandals which
hum so badly that I am amazed they haven’t gone off on their own + must
surely be banned under the Geneva convention on biological weapons …

The wildlife has also gone tropical + we are now in the zone of the flying
fish – which as they skit and fly low across the surface of the sea look
like silver fairies in the sunlight but I am told that in reality they can
be up to 9 inches long + smell appallingly which is bad news when they hit
you. I find wildlife fascinating – if they didn’t exist who would have
dreamt-up flying fish?

Today we also saw more Boobies in fact quite a few pairs of boobies who
swooped around the boat like they were coming in to size us up – then
adjourned for a committee meeting on the sea surface a little way off to
our starboard before one last fly past + then disappearing off. Wonder what
the collective noun for a load of boobies is?

With the setting of the sun the temperature has returned to pleasantly warm
 so both watches ate supper together on deck – tasted nice, couldn’t see it
mind but yummy anyway. As the only veggie I’m the pain-in-the-neck on the
catering front – cannot read the victualler’s mind, probably just as well
when the tofu went missing.

Off for some sleep now in readiness for star gazing on the midnight to 4am


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