Confined to barracks

Today is a sort of limbo day. A beautifully fresh Californian spring day with azure blue sky but a limbo day never the less as there is nothing constructive I can do to further the preparations for getting Jamaica race-ready for Saturday. Prepping is tomorrow, today Jamaica is out helping recruit potential crew for the next race in 2015-16.

I am definitely at a loose end; supposedly repacking my bag but doing just about anything else except leave the apartment instead.

It is interesting to see just who has signed up to take part in this race – there’s a definite type or series of similar types. I don’t think I’m alone in making this observation. Wes’ view (fellow Leg 7 sailor on Jamaica) is that there are two types – those who are reinventing themselves + those who don’t feel tested by their current existence.

There are four of us sharing this apartment. Four old ladies (in other people’s eyes) imminently about to embark on something none of us have done before – sufficiently alike it would seem that others get us confused. Which of Wes’ types would you put each of us in?

This morning we were discussing being ‘old’ + the inconveniences it brings – lack of physical agility, lack of physical strength etc. What it doesn’t bring is any decreased desire to be challenged or have adventures. The downside of this is an increasing divergence between aspiration + achievability. There is the odd up-side to being an old lady too we concurred – reduction of body hair being one, so eyebrows become thinner (an aspiration of youth) – unlike being a chap where you develop rampant gerbils on the front of your face and out your nostrils and ears (not a good look).

The odd downside is when your erstwhile flat mate has a senior moment + goes off for the day with all the keys leaving her compatriots keyless + thus unable to leave + re-enter the building. Thus I have volunteered to be confined to barracks, and dear reader pack in readiness for departure since our bags will be loaded at the end of prepping tomorrow.



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