Welcoming Jamaica in

Yellow Brick watching throughout the day, saw MP slightly pull away from Jamaica + then maintain the distance. With a VMG (velocity made good) of around 10 knots the prediction was for Jamaica to arrive late this evening. Thus the bike plan had been dropped in favour of charting a couple of RIBs to drive out to greet Jamaica under the Bridge. I was most definitely up for this – Jamaica might well be at the back of the fleet for this race on account of having to spend 48 hours parked-up in Japanese waters but they would receive an unrivalled welcome from us waiting crew + families.

In the event the wind picked up (Yay!!!) + instead of slowing down as all the other boats had done Jamaica actually gathered speed approaching the finish. So in the event it was a real scramble to get down to the quay in time + a belt out to the bridge to get there before Jamaica. Don’t know who wrote the script of this story but it could not have been better – drama, surprise, the amazing light of the setting sun, azure blue sky and a full moon. The fact that it was still daylight has to be a bonus + quite something being a part of the drama, clutching the handrail on the RIB as we slammed our way to the Golden Gate Bridge – and then there was Jamaica powering into view, kite full + sailing fast.

What a moment! I felt just so proud, we all felt just that proud. Jamaica just looked heart-burstingly majestic. Out came the Jamaica flags as we belted out to greet them; our two little supporters boats escorting Jamaica home at the end of Race 10.

Formalities completed newbies were invited on-board for beers + the plan of action for the days to come.

The adventure is beginning, tonight has made it real.

The first sighting of Jamaica

The first sighting of Jamaica

Jamaica having just crossed the finish

Jamaica having just crossed the finish


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