If you go down to the woods today …

A quick fly past Clipper HQ this morning confirmed no anticipated arrivals during daylight – so off to Muir Woods for the day. This involved a ferry to Sausalito – a picturesquely well-healed clapper-board town, home to the previouly-spotted seaplanes.

The onward journey to the woods was care of bus route 66. However the bus timetable on display turned out to be a fiction as 58 minutes of watching Sausalito go by did sort of hint that the buses might well not be every 20 minutes. But no matter there are always things to see and buses arrive no more promptly with agitation.

Muir Woods was and is extremely well visited at the weekends so it is strange given the well-deserved popularity of the place that public transport does not go near nor by any time during the week.

Visitors to the woods are encouraged to confine themselves to an exceptionally well-laid and accessible board-walk which meanders within the valley alongside Redwood Creek. Sticking to the board-walk you get ample views of soaring trees in a decidedly crowded environment so I headed for the hills on the still manicured, but non-paved extended trails.

Out on my own the tranquility of the place, the strong tree-scent freshness of the cool air left me feeling definitely more zen; although afraid I would fail to make it back to the bus stop in time I raced along Fern Creek Trail, strode purposefully along the Lost Trail and bounded down Ocean View Trail back to the start.

The calm of the trees encouraged introspection and a haiku poem came to mind:

The path through Muir Woods

Unlike life with its rockfalls

Easily travelled.

Bad isn’t it?! (That’s a rhetorical question, not part of the poem!)

Back in the land of the pressured, at the Yacht Club bumped into crew previously trained with and Kym from PSP who I hadn’t – talked tactics for welcoming the boats in on Sunday night.

A quick squint at Yellow Brick told me there’s everything to play for at the back of the fleet as Jamaica (now out of stealth mode) and Mission Impossible have only 5nm difference to the finish; Jamaica sailing from the south + MP from the north of the racing line …. although having checked moments ago this difference has now widened to 9 nm.

As Harry would say:


Go Jamaica. Just one more day but one that really counts.

Looking forward to sailing becoming a reality … maybe Monday?

Bridge on the (not so) Lost Trail in Muir Woods

Bridge on the (not so) Lost Trail in Muir Woods




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