Very nearly there now …

Looking at Yellow Brick, if you make the scale small enough you can decieve yourself that the race is nearly over on account on the proximity of the boat icons to the finish – but not quite there yet.

Yesterday was an inspiring day spent in Yosemite – thank goodness for wayward and inspired People. What would the wilderness movement be without John Muir? Awesome is the only word that truly describes the scale + the majesty of the place. A visit made all the more enjoyable by Marie of Incredible Adventures – thanks Marie a great day.

Back in SF this morning the city was shrouded in chilly smog/fog which definitely detracted from the enjoyment of visiting city highlights but by midday the chill + the fog were burning off + walking The Embarcadero told us that Clipper had finally materialised at Pier 40. Not quite mounting excitement – a lot of work to be done by the Clipper team before the boats sail in. South Beach Yacht Club is to be Clipper’s home for the next 10 days or so – so we called by to a really warm + welcoming reception. Back at the apartment watching Yellow Brick the tension is mounting as Great Britain + Henri Lloyd battle it out for pole position.

10pm + Great Britain shot the Golden Gate Bridge 20 minutes ago so time to head down to the Yacht Club to yell them in. Sort of can’t believe this is happening … the time to start sailing is about to come real. Jamaica are still 700+ miles out + due in on ?Sunday morning. Feeling small child at Christmas excited.

Jefrey Pine on Sentinel Dome, Yosemite Park - Ansel Adams photograph c1940

Jefrey Pine on Sentinel Dome, Yosemite Park – Ansel Adams photograph c1940


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