The last 24 hours …

Last day + counting down. Yesterday I said my farewells to M&F. Strange to see M drive off in my car – but they live their own lives now with not much recourse to me. We’ll all of us have testing summers – them exams, me sailing. Do good M&F. I also said farewell to the dog who has gone to stay with the wonderfully welcoming Mandy &  Dutch. I don’t think her summer will be testing at all!

Today has been a strange day – starting with the re-packing of my oil-drum of a kit bag to try and get it lighter/smaller and more in line with my self-image of a no/not much-luggage traveller . Just how many clothes do you need when you are going to sea for 3 and a bit months? The answer is – probably not that many if you prepared to wear the same items continuously and indulge in the chemical masking of body aroma. Wet-wipes I suspect are about to become an important aspect of existence. So just how many wet-wipes do you need when ….

I was trundling along quite happily until I had my daily fix of skippers’ blog and then it hit me: One DLL – only 1,200 miles-odd and closing on San Francisco! Heart rate into the megahertz frequency range!!! The fleet are arriving – that’s me. I am about to get on a boat and … well sail (albeit as part of the crew).

A real OMG moment but the other side of me just cannot wait. I am so looking forward to actually giving the knowledge acquired (and some forgotten) over the last year a go.

A bit more wrestling with the oil drum + 3 submissions (from me or the oil drum?) – and then it is packed or as packed as it going to be and I KNOW I have put too many items of clothing in (3 of everything instead of 2) and I tell myself that it is the weight of the foulies and the sailing boots and all the sailing kit that make the bag heavy … nothing to do with my 3 tech shirts.

And so here I am typing when I should be asleep, awake and like a small child at Christmas slightly terrified but excited with anticipation.

I won’t let myself be excited … I so want to succeed but I am so afraid I might fail.


4 thoughts on “The last 24 hours …

  1. You are soooo brave Rose! It’s not about success or failure, it’s trying! Have a safe and wonderful trip! See you when you get back!


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