Race 10 – round the bottom of Japan + left a bit.

Jamaica is now back out at sea and racing after an emergency medevac of Mick Wood to Tateyama in Japan. Get well soon Mick! Feel worried on behalf of the crew – got my St John’s Ambulance bible out and revised the symptoms of angina/pneumonia/avian flu and other hearty conditions just in case there’s something similar on my watch!

Jamaica after a good start are now slogging it out with PSP Logistics at the back of the fleet – there being no redress for medical emergencies. But the crew + Pete are sanguine, Race 10 – Qingdoa to San Francisco – is a long old haul and what’s the odd 400 miles when you have over 4,000 miles to go. The boats are beginning to scatter like molecules into a vacuum, Pete (plus some others) being happy to sail south of the racing line to keep clear of any bad weather in the north.

Go to Yellow Brick (http://yb.tl/clipper2013-race10). If you reduce the scale on the map the distances don’t look so great – but I doubt that’s how it feels when you’re racing. You can also make the fleet do the hokey-cokey  by zipping backwards + forwards on the time toggle (one in the middle at the bottom of the window).



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